Take The Day Off


I was first introduced to take the day off by Tanya Burr. I was watching one of her favorite videos and saw that she really liked the product, but for some reason I did not buy it at the time. But then I saw Hello-October talk about it in one of her videos, and then that was it I had to try this product! I then looked it up on the Clinique website, and realized that the product is $28.50. WHAT!?I DID NOT want to pay almost 30$ for an face cleanser. What can I say, I am the official cheepo. The price turned me off for awhile, but the product kept haunting me. Sooo I went back to the website and saw ALL of the positive reviews. I couldn’t find one debbie downer, which was reassuring. Then I through threw my hands up in the air and said ayyyyyeO. Just kidding! But I was like what could I loose?! Yes, I bought Take The Day Off. (obviously) And I couldn’t be happier! The product literally dissolves eye makeup and foundations. However it’s a light weight so there is no worries! And since it’s a balm, it’s really fun to use! It melts once you start rubbing it into your face, and it takes off makeup so easily. I use to scrub off my makeup off daily and it would take such a long time. SO annoying! Take the day off, makes taking off makeup not so dreadful. Oh! another thing I was worried about was the fact that it was oil based. I usually buy oil free products just to protect against acne. But since I was always using oil free products they would remove all of the oil off of my face, leaving me with lots of dry spots. So I found if I just keep my face clean little annoying spots don’t pop up, and Take The Day Off keeps my face soft and clean!



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Fake tan


Spring is right around the corner and that means summer will be here before we know it. YAYY! I don’t know about you but I am OVER the winter blues, gloomy weather and ready for sun dresses and shorts! However considering last summer was about nine months ago that means my tan is disappearing as I type this out, and leaving me almost translucent. Yup, you can see my organs and the California rolls I had for lunch floating around through my clear skin. A Little too much info? But since I wasn’t blessed with the beautiful gift of pigment I have to resort to a little secret. Fake tanning. I know you’re thinking about the Umpalumpas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and with some of tans out there you can easily cast for the movie. However I did find an affordable, beautiful, sun kissed tan in a bottle.


St. Moriz fake tan has to be my absolute favorite tan ever. Since it has a green undertone and not an orange undertone you get a gorgeous natural tan. Even though green sounds a little odd it looks like you’ve naturally been tanning out in the sun; without any orangey colors. I buy Moriz from Amazon for $9.59 which I would consider a steal!blog2c

Hue lipstick, By MAC


Can we take a second to sit here and appreciate how perfect Hue is? If you’re like me and trying to build up your collection I highly recommend this product. The color is a soft, nude pink and basically fits with any look. Since Hue is by MAC, the price isn’t too expensive I believe it’s fifteen dollars which sounds scary but believe me it’s way worth it. OH! And if you have never smelled a MAC lipstick before, go and do it right now! Yeah that’s right close your laptop, and go to the closest MAC counter and sniff the heck out of all the lipsticks.



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